Referral Program

Details below on how to earn discounts and bonuses for referrals.

Want to earn a discount on your next photo session?

It's easy! You can earn up to 50% off your next creative/session fee by referring new clients to me. Here's how it works!

  • Earn 10% off your creative/session fee for each new client you refer who books a session and can be combined for up to 50% off any creative/session fee.
  • Each new client you refer also earns 10% off their first creative/session fee!
  • Simply tell your family and friends to let me know you referred them when they book their session.

** This discount cannot be combined

with any other special offers.

Referral Bonus FAQ

What if I refer more than 5 new clients, can I keep earning additional discounts?

A. Yes, you can earn 10% off for each and every new client who books a session. You can combine up to 5 referral bonuses for a total of 50% off any creative/session fee. If you continue to earn referral bonuses before redeeming, the additional bonuses will be saved and applied towards another session. There is no limit to how many referral bonuses you can earn.

Is there a limit to how many referral bonuses I can earn?

A. Not at all! The only limit is how many you can combine and redeem at the same time. You can combine up to 5 bonuses for a total of 50% off one creative/session fee.

When can I redeem my discount?

A. You may redeem your 10% discount on any full-price creative/session fee as soon as the bonus is earned or save it to combine with other referral bonuses. Keep in mind, your referral must book a session in order for you to receive a referral bonus. Remind them to let me know who referred them when they book their session!

Can I combine my referral bonus discount with another offer?

A. No, not at this time. You may either take advantage of the current special offer or use your referral discount but not both. You will be able to save your referral bonus to use again with a future full-price creative/session fee.

Does my referral bonus expire?

A. No, you may save and use your referral bonus at any time on any full-price creative/session fee.

Do I have to use my referral bonus on my next session?

A. Not at all! You may use it on your next session or save it to use on any future full-price creative/session fee.

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