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close up of a one-year-old attacking a white flower smash cake with icing on open hands and mouth wide open

Why choose me as your Chattanooga baby photographer for cake smashes?

Cake smash sessions combine 3 of my favorite things: photography, cake, and babies! Most parents choose cake smash sessions for their child's first birthday but you can smash a cake at any age! As a Chattanooga baby photographer, I specialize in custom cake smash sessions for first birthdays or any birthday/special occasion that calls for cake! Your custom cake smash session can take place outside at a beautiful location or I can create a custom design in my home studio which is the perfect size for cake smashing!

I have 2 antique high chairs available for use and many cake plates and props to accent your perfect session. I even have some baby girl outfits available in my client closet if you need something special for your baby to wear. I love designing new sessions so let's chat about your vision for the perfect Chattanooga cake smash session!

Chattanooga Baby Photographer - Cake Smash Portfolio

A small collection of some of my favorite cake smash session images.

boho groovy themed cake smash set with neutral colors. close up of white layer cake on stand. peace sign in background.
1yo sits on a boho themed cake smash set and licks icing off her fingers surrounded by plants and 60s vibes
little girl in white lace outfit sits in front of a white cake on a stand for boho hippy themed cake smash in studio
close up from the nose down of litle girl going for a cake in front of her with open arms, icing on hands, mouth open
little girl with redish brown hair and lace outfit holds onto her cake smash cake for studio cake smash session
excited little girl lifts an entire smash cake onto her lap for a studio boho themed cake smash session
two sisters share a smash cake for a boho groovy themed session in Chattanooga photography studio
2 year old red head holds a giant piece of cake in her hands and sticks her tongue out to eat it at groovy cake smash
identical twins share an outdoor tea party cake smash under a willow tree.
identical twin girls in cream and pink share a tea party for two themed cake smash under willow tree
1yo girl in giant bow sticks her tongue out to lick icing sitting at a tiny tea table for cake smash
close up of a piece of cake on a lace table cloth and tiny tea saucer. tiny hands hold a tiny teacup for cake smash
close up of baby girl with icing on her face and a giant bow during her twin cake smash session
baby girl in giant bow puts a tiny teacup in her mouth for cake smash session outdoors
little girl in big bow and lace outfit licks icing from her lips and holds a tiny tea saucer for themed cake smash
1yo girl in big bow tries to eat a tiny teacup sitting on a pink pillow at a tea party themed cake smash outside
twin girls share a tea pot design cake at a tiny table set for tea under a willow tree for cake smash session
twin girl cake smash session with tiny tea party theme outside under willow tree
smiling 1yo Cubs fan in tiny jersey sits on a baseball field with antique props for baseball cake smash
1yo boy in a blue diaper cover that says one with a baseball for the O holds onto a ballfield fence.
1 year old baseball fan has baseball themed cake smash on baseball field with antique baseball paraphernalia
close up of a 1 year old boy smashing a baseball design cake for first birthday cake smash session
1yo girl in an antique highchair with homemade rainbow banner ready for her cake smash session
rainbow sunshine cake smash theme cake on an antique high chair. little girl in pink bow waits to eat it.
1yo girl in pink bow eats her smash cake in an antique high chair  with a homemade rainbow ribbon banner
close up of a little girls hand covered in icing for rainbow sunshine theme cake smash
profile image of 1yo girl in big pink bow eating a smash cake in an antique high chair decorated with flowers and ribbon
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Client Testimonials

Katie Cordell

“This is better than anything I found on Pinterest! We just love our pictures so much!”

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How your Cake Smash session works from start to finish.

Before your session

We will start with a quick planning phone call to discuss any themes or ideas you have for your baby's cake smash session and whether you want a cake smash session in the studio or at an outdoor location. I’ll even ask you to invite me to your Pinterest board so that I can see what you like as I design your session! I’ll give you a custom quote on the session fee depending on your chosen theme and we will select a date and I’ll get to work! Most cake smash session fees fall in the $200-$300 range. All images are purchased separately after you've seen them fully edited in an online gallery. Click here to see image collection pricing and how my session pricing works.

Most of my clients prefer to bring their own cake (homemade or otherwise) or I can include the cake for your session for an additional fee. I can also suggest a couple of local people and places that create the cutest cakes! I also have a small collection of cake plates to use for your session or you are welcome to bring your own.

1yo girl in lace romper and big satin bow tries to eat a tiny tea cup at her cake smash photo session


I start each session with the typical milestone photos of your baby in the cute setup that we have planned. During the cake smash part of your session, I like to get a lot of photos of all the action plus pay special attention to the little details like icing-covered fingers. Babies generally know what to do when you put a cake in front of them (weird how that works) but I have some clever tricks and prompts to encourage any shy babies to get their hands in there and really smash that cake. One of my favorite photos to include in your gallery are the cake before the smash and what is left of the cake after.

After your session

 I always plan for cleaning up, even when the location is outdoors. As a Chattanooga baby photographer, I like to leave any space I use better than I found it and this includes completely cleaning up after your cake smash session so that you can focus on your little one. For cake smash sessions that take place in my home, you’ll have access to the guest bathroom and I have plenty of wipes and towels available for you to use. You can even use the bathtub if it was a particularly successful cake smash! 

What does it cost?

Cake smash session fees start at $200 and are custom quoted depending on what you want or need. Please contact me for your quote! The image collections start at $250 and are selected after you see your images fully edited in an online gallery. My clients plan to spend a minimum of $450+ on their session after the final images are selected.

Click here for more pricing information.

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Cake Smash Session FAQ

Is a cake smash session only for first birthdays?

No way! Cake smash sessions are for any birthday or special occasion! I’ve seen ½ birthday cake smashes, 30th birthday cake smashes, dog birthday cake smashes. If there is cake and someone is willing to smash it, I’ll be there to photograph it!

Is the cake included?

Most moms prefer to provide the smash cake but I can provide one for an additional fee if you would like me to take care of it. Let's chat about what works best for you!

Should the cake smash be outdoors or in studio?

It depends! Sometimes the time of year will make indoors a necessity but if it's an option, the theme or look you want might do better outside or in studio. Let's chat about your ideas and design the perfect cake smash session!

What if my child won't cooperate or doesn't like cake?

It certainly wouldn't be the first time I've worked with kids who weren't interested in having their photos taken on a particular day. But don't worry, I've got some tricks up my sleeve when it comes to working with children and am very patient and understanding. I've even got tricks to make it look like they are eating cake even if they won't touch it! If you've got specific concerns unique to your children, let's talk!

What should my baby wear?

It is totally up to you but it should be something you don’t mind getting cake and icing all over. You may want to choose 2 outfits if you are worried about messing up something nice. I’m happy to help you find the perfect cake smash outfit or offer something from my client closet.

Can we do family photos or include siblings in the cake smash?

Of course! We can schedule your family photos before or after the cake smash on the same day or if you’d prefer 2 full sessions on separate days, I can offer you a deal on booking both at once.

I still have questions.

No worries! Message me your question and I’ll get right back to you.

Have you considered combining a cake smash session with a bath session?

I offer discounts for booking multiple sessions at once. Contact me below for details!

Would you like a free consultation to discuss a cake smash photo session?

Message me now to get started!

My clients plan to spend a minimum of $450 once photos are selected. Most spend $750+

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