Session Pricing & Image Collections

What does it cost?

All sessions start with a session fee and then you choose and pay for your image collection from a fully edited online gallery 2-3 weeks after your session. And because I believe in the importance of printed artwork, all collections include a credit amount to use in the print store on anything you choose.

The session fee is $250 and image collections start at $750. My clients plan to spend a minimum of $1000+ on their sessions after the final images are selected. Most of my clients spend $1250+

I offer a more in-depth breakdown of the session fee and what is included in each session and how it works, as well as the image collection costs below.

mom and dad help baby girl stand and walk through a field with tall grass and trees at sunset

What is included?

Your session fee includes a Client Experience Prep Guide emailed to you after you book, a session planning questionnaire for you to fill out so that I can prepare for your session and make sure you get exactly what you want, and it covers our time spent together before and during your session. All sessions also include complimentary access to my client closet and complimentary styling advice for the whole family!

After the session, I edit all the best images and then you view the fully edited photos in a watermarked online gallery and choose which images you want to purchase and keep. This way you see exactly what you're getting and only pay for the images you love! Then you choose how to spend your credit in the print store so that you can get what is important to you, whether that's an album, a canvas, prints, or a combination of prints and products!

Image Collection Pricing

 You don't have to decide which collection you want to purchase until you've seen the fully edited images in an online gallery. This way you only pay for the ones you love! And since the photos are fully edited when you see them, you can choose your package and download your photos right away!


Full Gallery Download - All digital images
(30+ images)
$600 print store credit
Best value!

Cost: $1300*


20 images
$300 print store credit
Most popular!

Cost: $1000*


10 images
$100 print store credit


*any applicable taxes will be applied at checkout.

Print store credit is included with every collection!

Prints, wall art, and photo albums from a professional print lab that will last a lifetime. You choose how to spend your credit on anything in the print store!

  • Print pricing starts at $35
  • Wall art starts at $300
  • Albums start at $350

Optional Session Add Ons

  • Access to my Client Closet - Complimentary
  • Location permit fee if required. Contact for details.
  • Travel fee for locations further than 45min from Chattanooga or Atlanta. Contact for details.

“We finally have family photos we can hang up in our house!”

Pregnant woman stands on rocks at water's edge and flips her cream lace client closet dress for photoshoot

Personal styling for the whole family!

"What do we wear for photos?" - This is probably my most asked question and the good news is that I can totally help! I include a What to Wear Guide as part of my Client Experience Guide but I can also help fully style your entire family as part of access to my Client Closet.

My client closet includes dresses, tops and skirts for women and girls from newborn to ninety with inclusive sizing for all shapes and sizes, including plus and maternity! I don't have any pieces for men at this time but will help you style the guys in your life from existing options in your own closet or even provide links to the perfect pieces that will bring together your family's outfits in perfect harmony.

So, how does it work?


We will select a date and location and I'll send over the contract and invoice for the session fee. Your session is confirmed when the contract is signed and the invoice is paid. After the session is booked, I'll send you the Client Experience Guide and Session Planning Questionnaire to fill out so I can get to work creating your perfect photo session! If you choose to use my client closet, we will schedule a time for you to come over and try on dresses prior to your session. Visiting from out of town and not able to come over and try on options? No worries! You can still take advantage of my Client Closet. Contact for arrangements.


We will focus on having fun and exploring during your session and I'll be prepared with a plan so that we can get all the photos you want and no one gets bored. We'll be sure to get several photos of the whole family together, including looking and smiling ones but also candids of hugs and playing games with lots of natural smiles and laughter. I also plan for special combinations like Mommy & Me and each child individually as well as together as siblings. I even make sure we get a few of just Mom and Dad together. I take the stress out of photo sessions by creating an environment for natural interactions and moments.


You will receive a link to view your fully edited images in a slideshow set to music 2-3 weeks after your session. And because the images are fully edited, you can select and purchase your favorites directly from your gallery whenever is convenient to you without any back-and-forth! After you purchase your image collection you can download your included images. You will also get to spend your included print credit in the print store through your gallery on prints, wall art, and albums delivered to your home directly from a professional print lab.

close up profile of new mom touching forheads with her newborn baby boy and touching noses as she smiles.

“It was an amazing experience and such a fun time! The pictures are incredible! We are already looking forward to our next session!”

What You Can Expect

Let me take you through a typical session from start to finish.

Before the session

We will start by discussing your ideal session and how to bring it to life. We can do this by email or text but I prefer a phone call myself; I just think it's the quickest way for us to get to know each other and work out the details most efficiently.

Once we decide on a date and location, I'll send you a contract and invoice to pay the session fee. After the contract is signed and invoice paid, your session is officially scheduled and we can start planning! I'll send out the Client Experience Guide and Session Planning Questionnaire and get to work prepping for your session. If you choose to use options from my Client Closet we will schedule a date for you to come over and try on some options or work out an alternative solution if I'm traveling to you or you're traveling to me!

At your session

We will focus on having fun so that everyone is engaged and I'm ready to capture the most natural smiles and expressions! I'm flexible and follow the kids' leads whether they are shy and need a minute to warm up or full of energy and ready to play! I'll give plenty of direction so you know exactly what to do and I'll use prompts and movement to get natural candids and highlight those special family connections.


As soon as your images are ready (usually 2-3 weeks), you'll get an email with a link to view a slideshow of the fully edited images from your session set to music. I encourage you to pull up the slideshow on the biggest screen you have and gather everyone around to relive the session but through my lens this time. You'll purchase your image collection directly from your gallery when it's convenient for you and then download your images from the gallery. Then you get to spend your print credit in the print store on anything you like! It's that easy!

Does that sound good? I go into more detail about how I plan and prepare for each session and how I serve my clients on my About Me page. If you've got additional questions, see the FAQ below or send me a message! I'd love to connect with you!

"That's it? We're done already? Wow, that went by fast!"

"This is probably the easiest photo session we've ever had."

"I don't usually like getting pictures but this was actually fun."

These are all quotes from dads said after their sessions.

Want to chat with me to learn more?

Maybe you're ready to schedule your session or maybe you have some questions and want to chat before deciding. That's totally fine with me! Send me a message and let's discuss what your perfect session would look like and how we can make it happen!

You can select more than one. If you select call or text, please make sure you've entered your phone number below.

If you've selected phone call or text above, please leave your phone number here.

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Pricing FAQ

Does the session fee go towards the price of the pacakges?

No. The session fee only covers the cost of the time spent planning, setting up, and shooting your session.

Is the session fee refundable?

The session fee acts as a retainer required to hold your date and time in my calendar and covers all the planning and preparation for your session and as such is non-refundable. I've intentionally kept the session fee low to only cover my time spent planning and executing your session. That way, in the unlikely event you're unhappy with your finished photos, you've not paid for anything more than what you've received.

What is your editing style?

I like to keep it true to life but with vibrant pops of color. I prefer to keep the photos looking as natural as possible but emphasize and bring out certain colors depending on your outfits and the location without it being distracting. Think real life with a little bit of whimsy. *wink* If you want a certain style, let me know so that I can help us select a location and even outfits that will naturally bring out that style.

When will we get our photos?

The time varies depending on the type of session and how many photos were taken. Some seasons are also busier than others and may affect the time frame of when to expect your photos. I will let you know at your session when I think your photos will be ready but it is typically 2-3 weeks after your session. If you need your photos sooner than that, let me know when you book and I will see if it is possible to work something out.

How many images will be included in our galleries?

It really depends on how long we spend on your session (more time = more images) and how photogenic you are! But my full galleries almost always include 35+ images. My goal is to give you as much variety as possible from your session.

Why do you offer a session fee plus packages priced separately vs. all inclusive?

I want you to get the most out of your investment! By only charging for my time and creativity upfront, you get to choose how much more to spend based on what you need and what best fits your budget.

Where do you photograph?

I have a list of Chattanooga photo locations and can help you select the best location for the look and feel you want for your session. I'm always scouting new locations and always open to suggestions. If you've got a spot or an idea, let me know! I can also shoot indoors just about anywhere. I have the right equipment and know how to use it to get well-done and well-lit photos indoors. I can come to your home or I have a small in-home studio in mine.

I don't know what to wear. Can you help?

I can help! If you're going for a certain look, what you wear can definitely make or break it. Let me know the style and look you want to achieve with your photos and we can go over outfit choices that will help to get you the look you want! I am also building out my client closet so there may be something in there for you if you're interested.

How much retouching is included?

I remove small things in the background that may be distracting, like a "no parking" sign; small boo-boos, if possible; some pimples/blemishes, when possible, and anything that I consider to be distracting from the subject of the photo, YOU! More detailed retouching - like changing large things in the background, extensive blemish removal, skin smoothing, etc., may be possible for an additional fee. If there is something in your photo that I did not adjust but is important to you to have removed or changed, please let me know and I will see what can be done.

I don't like the way I look in pictures. How do I know I'll like the ones you take?

I believe there is beauty in everyone and my goal is to capture and reflect the beauty that I see in you. Unfortunately, I can't control how you see yourself. I can tell you you're beautiful every day but if you don't believe it yourself, it won't matter what I say. I believe that I take beautiful photographs and you do too, or you wouldn't be here.

Can you Photoshop (insert request here)?

I cannot make you skinnier, taller, or add muscles. What I can do is offer posing and outfit suggestions to minimize the areas you want minimized and instead highlight your favorite features. If you have an area you are concerned about, let me know ahead of time.

What if we need to reschedule?

If your session needs to be rescheduled due to the weather, there is no penalty. In the unlikely event that I need to reschedule your session for any personal reason, there is no penalty. If your session needs to be rescheduled for any other reason, including sickness, your retainer allows you to reschedule your session date and time once. If you must reschedule more than once or skip your session without 24-hour notice, the original retainer is forfeit and there is a $100 fee to reschedule. I ask that you provide a minimum of 24-hours notice when possible if you need to reschedule.

How do you accept payment?

I prefer to email an invoice for all payments and through the invoice, you have the option to use PayPal or Venmo or a credit/debit card.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, please contact me if this is something you need and we will work out the details together.

Do you travel?

I am primarily a Chattanooga photographer and also serve the immediate surrounding areas but I'm not opposed to traveling further for your photos. Send me a message if you'd like photos further away from Chattanooga and I will see what we can do. There may be an additional travel fee.

Do you do weddings?

No, but I can send you some excellent referrals of some extremely talented wedding photographers that I know personally!

I still have more questions

No worries! Just send me a message with the form above and I'll get back to you ASAP. We can email, text, or even hop on a quick phone call - whatever you need to ask your question and feel comfortable with the answer.

Ready to schedule your session?

That's great! I know I gave you a lot of information above so thanks for sticking with me. If you're ready to get started, let's connect!

Session Pricing & Image Collections