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9 month old baby sits in a boho basket with fringe blanket on a pink rug on a neutral seamless backdrop

Why choose a Children's Photographer for your milestone session?

You want someone who specializes in taking photos of children! It is the same reason we take our children to pediatricians and pediatric dentists and special hair salons for children. You want the environment and experience to be geared toward children so that your child is comfortable and you know they will be well taken care of. As a Chattanooga Children's Photographer and a mom myself, I love children and I love to be around them and make them laugh. Photographing children takes special patience, high energy, and a good-sized collection of cheezy jokes and silly sounds and faces.

You don't have to worry about your kids being perfect or smiling on command because I use games, jokes, and fun questions to get your child laughing and show their true personalities. We keep things light and flexible so that if something isn't working, we can pivot and keep things moving so that little ones don't get bored.

Chattanooga Children's Photographer Portfolio

A small collection of some of my favorite children's milestone images.

one year old boy sits on tiny bench with tiny pumpkins and his golden retriever sits next to him for fall photo
little girl sits on a round rug for hippy boho themed milestone session in chattanooga photography studio
smiling 1yo girl sits on a child-sized peacock chair for a hippy boho studio milestone session
two sisters sit on on a macrame swing together and look at each other for minimalst milestone on seamless backdrop paper
2 young sisters sit together in a macrame swing in a chattanooga studio for minimalist milestone session
little girl looks up and smiles with mouth open while on macrame swing in chattanooga photography studio for milestone
1yo girl in pink sits at base on tree trunk in a field of tall grass for milestone session
close up of a little girl eating a strawberry for a berry sweet themed studio milestone session
1 year old in crown and strawberry dress sits on pillow in a strawbrerry themed milestone studio set
1yo in strawberry dress sits on tiny chair for a berry themed milestone photo in chattanooga photography studio
almost 3-year-old girl pops her foot to show off lace leggings and brown boots for outdoor milestone session
close up of 3 year old with brown curls and blue eyes in a blue dress looking serious.
close up of 3 year old girl looking left with a slight smile and a dimple. she has long brown curls & a blue dress
little girl with brown curls and pink bow spins in a blue dress on a gravel path through tall grass at sunset
little girl with brown curls and pink bow spins in a blue dress on a gravel path through tall grass at sunset
sweet 3yo girl sits by a single purple flower looking serious as she looks up with her big blue eyes.
little girl with brown curly hair in a blue dress leans over to touch a rock with moss on a wooded path.
little girl with brown curls and blue dress sits on an old well covered by moss. she looks like a fairytale
9 year old boy sits on stairs looking cool for his birthday milestone session. he is too grown up!
9 year old boy in button down and khakis puts hands in pockets and smiles for outdoor milestone session
handsome young man with hands in khaki shorts and button down stants on a sidewalk with fall trees
chunky baby sits in tiny white chair and reaches out to touch a willow tree branch for milestone session
chunky 1 year old girl sits in a tiny white chair under a willow tree for milestone session outdoors
chunky 9mo girl in leggings tries to climb out of basin on a floral set for studio milestone photos
9 month old girl sits in a basin surrounded by flowers for a studio milestone session
little girl throws a fake snowball against a snowflake backdrop in studio for Christmas milestone session
little girl pretends to blow snowflakes on a blue snowflake winter backdrop for milestone studio session
smiling 2 year old sits against a blue snowflake backdrop in smocked candy cake top for winter milestone photo
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What is a milestone session?

Some of the typical and more traditional milestone sessions are the ones that happen in your baby’s first year. Babies change so quickly that you could do a milestone session every month of that first year to document each and every new skill and change. Cell phone photos on the milestone blanket are cute and fun to share with friends on social media but planning professional photos to document these milestones is important too! Many moms plan to schedule milestone photos at 3mo, 6mo, and 9mo, and yearly on birthdays or other special occasions.

Other milestones outside of the first year include: the first day of school, class graduations, first lost tooth, sports/dance/music related, braces on, braces off, yearly birthday photos, and more! The list of milestones is quite possibly endless!

Client Testimonials

Alicia Rivera

“Christian did such a great job with our photos! We will cherish them forever. She picked out the best spots and she has a great eye for lighting. She did both a family session and a milestone photo shoot for our 1-year-old. She knew exactly what to do so that our baby would smile to capture the best photos!”

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How a milestone session works.

At each milestone session, we will highlight everything happening developmentally at that stage (sitting, standing, walking, new teeth, etc.) and of course capture all the cute expressions and wonder of a little human exploring his or her world. I offer milestone sessions both in my home studio as well as outdoors. We will discuss which option works best for you and I will prepare for your session by getting out little chairs, baskets, stools, and crates from my collection that are the perfect size for your little one to accent whichever milestone we are celebrating! These sessions are generally short and sweet but can accommodate an outfit change or include some family photos as well.

Sometimes milestone sessions are themed (typically cake smashes) and other times they are simple on a plain backdrop or with a few props outside. I’m happy to design the perfect milestone session for you and I’m full of ideas! Does your child have a favorite book or stuffed animal? These items can be great to include in a milestone session a fun way to remember what your child was interested in at each stage of life. We can also incorporate colors and themes from the nursery - which is great if you plan to decorate with printed photos from your session.

What does it cost?

The milestone session fee starts at $250 and image collections start at $750. Your image collection is selected after you see your fully edited photos in an online gallery. My clients plan to spend a minimum of $1000+ on their photo session after the final images are selected.

Click here for more pricing information.

“Christian did such a good job with our photos! She knew exactly what to do so our baby would smile.”

Looking for a cake smash session?

 The 1st birthday cake smash is a popular milestone session and I’ve seen cake smashes for the 2nd and 3rd birthdays becoming more popular as well! Honestly, if you ask me, anytime is a great time to smash cake and take photos. That's why I've dedicated a whole section of my website to cake smash sessions!

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Milestone Session FAQ

When should we schedule milestone photos?

The further ahead the better! Because it’s a milestone, you generally know when to expect it. Also, if you want the photos ready by a certain date, let me know so that we can schedule your session 3-4 weeks beforehand to ensure your photos are ready when you need them!

Do milestone sessions include siblings or family?

Generally, no. However, if you would like to include a family photo or sibling photos as part of the milestone, let me know and we can plan to include whatever you need!

What if my child won't cooperate?

No worries! We all have bad days sometimes. I'm a mom to a 3-year-old and I have tricks to get kids’ attention and trust and will do everything I can to make your child comfortable and smile. I’m very patient with kids and we will be able to take the time we need to work through any issues. If you have specific concerns about your child, please feel free to let me know ahead of time and we can discuss all the options.

Do themed milestone sessions cost more?

It depends on the theme! If it is something simple, then no. If you want something more elaborate, I’m more than willing to create a custom scene or purchase a backdrop. We will discuss your style and what you like during the planning call and I will provide a custom quote if necessary.

How many outfits can I bring?

More outfits mean more photos to choose from in your gallery. If you are only planning to purchase a few photos, then you will want to keep it to one outfit but if you know you will want lots of photos, then you’re welcome to bring 2-3 outfits. In my experience, the child gets bored or overstimulated if we try to do more than that. If you have questions about which outfits to choose, I’m happy to help!

I still have questions.

No worries! Message me your question and I’ll get right back to you.

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Our entire lives are made up of many milestones! The older I get, the more important I believe these milestones are because they give us a moment to look back on afterward and remember more clearly. Would you like a free consultation to discuss a milestone photo session?

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