Are yearly milestone photos a tradition in your family?

Childhood is a precious and fleeting phase filled with wonder, innocence, and boundless curiosity. As parents, we often wish we could freeze these magical moments to perfectly capture the essence of our children's growth and development and to preserve those memories forever. A yearly milestone photo tradition offers a beautiful and heartwarming option to achieve just that! In this blog post, we will explore the significance and joy of capturing childhood through the lens of yearly milestone photos and tips for how to start or continue this tradition with your own children.

Here are some reasons why you should start a tradition of yearly milestone photos for your kids or encouragement to continue the tradition!

two girl cousins, 1 blonde and 1 brown, both with curly hair, hold hands and look at each other in pretty dresses

A Journey Through Time

As we watch our children grow, it often feels as though time is slipping through our fingers. Yearly milestone photos provide a tangible record of our child's journey through time, allowing us to witness the transformations from tiny infants to thriving toddlers and beyond. Each yearly photo encapsulates a moment in your child’s life and reflects the changes in their appearance, personality, and interests.

With each passing year and new milestone photo session, we, as parents, are creating a living time capsule of their childhood. These images serve as a testament to your child’s growth and accomplishments, reminding you of the incredible journey upon which your child is only just starting.

little blonde girl with bow and sitting by a bush tells a secret to her little cousin with brown hair and a bow.
two young cousins hug each other while sitting by a flowering bush and wearing pretty dresses.

Celebrate Milestones and Achievements

Childhood is filled with numerous milestones and achievements that deserve to be celebrated. From first words and first steps to starting school and learning to ride a bike, each milestone is a moment of pride and joy for both the child and you as the parent. Yearly milestone photos provide a perfect platform to commemorate these significant events.

With a yearly photo tradition in place, parents can eagerly anticipate and prepare for each milestone photoshoot. It becomes a special occasion, something to look forward to, a celebration of your child's accomplishments, and a chance to reflect on their growth. As parents, we take pride in our children's achievements, and these photos allow you to showcase your child’s progress and share your happiness with friends and loved ones.

young girl cousins in pretty dresses and bows hold up a crochet blanket between them in a field at sunset.

Capture Personality and Expression

Children grow and change rapidly, not just in appearance but also in their personalities. Yearly milestone photos capture the unique expressions, quirks, and personalities of your child at each stage of their development. These images showcase their innocence, curiosity, and joy, freezing these moments in time for all to see.

Parents often marvel at the diversity of their children's expressions and how they change over the years. From the toothless grins and wide-eyed wonder of early childhood to confident smiles and thoughtful gazes of young adults, these milestone photos capture the essence of your child's personality and spirit.

Little blonde girl backlit by the golden setting sun laughs for milestone photo session in Atlanta
two girl cousins in pretty dresses sitting on the ground look down at their hands with sad faces.
cutest 3 year old girl in pretty dress pouts with hands crossed sitting in tiny peacock chair at sunset.

A Creative and Personalized Experience

Yearly milestone photo sessions offer endless opportunities for creativity and personalization. Parents can choose different themes, outfits, or locations to make each photoshoot distinct and memorable. Whether it's a themed birthday shoot, a nature-inspired session, or simply a snapshot of everyday life, each yearly photo can be a reflection of the child's interests and personality at that moment in time.

These personalized touches add depth and meaning to the photos, making them even more special. It's a chance for parents and children to collaborate and share ideas, ensuring that the photoshoot reflects the child's unique spirit and interests.

young blonde girl sitting in child-sized peacock chair in a field of tall grass blows flowers from her hands.

Cherished Keepsakes

The memories we create with our children are some of the most precious gifts we can give them and are one of the few things that last even after we’re gone. Yearly milestone photos serve as visual reminders of those cherished moments. These photographs capture the joy and innocence of childhood, the laughter and curiosity, and the love shared.

As the years pass, these milestone photos become cherished keepsakes that evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality both for you as the parent and for your children as they grow into adulthood as well. They provide a way to revisit those precious times and to remember the little details that might have faded from memory over time. When children grow older, these images become a portal to their early years, giving them a glimpse into their past and a connection to their childhood selves.

Little 4 year old girl with blue eyes looks sweetly at camera while holding her blonde curly hair for milestone photo
blonde 4yo in Joyfolie dress laughs while sitting in a child-sized peacock chair in a field of tall grass at sunset.

Preserve a Legacy of Love

Yearly milestone photo traditions create a legacy of love and memories that extend beyond the present. As children grow into adults and start families of their own, these photos become heirlooms to pass down through generations and become a bridge connecting the past, present, and future.

Milestone photos tell a story of love, growth, and the beauty of childhood. They become a lasting legacy, reminding future generations of the love and joy shared by their ancestors. It's a testament to the importance of family and the bond that ties them together.

Younger cousin hugs her 1-year-older blonde cousin in tall grass at sunset. Both girls wear Joyfolie dresses and bows.

Tips for starting or continuing a yearly milestone photo tradition with your children.

This can look different for everyone depending on what works best for your family and budget but here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Start by committing to intentionally set aside time to photograph each of your children individually. The easiest way is to plan milestone photos around their birthday each year as that is a natural time of recognizing and celebrating change in our lives. 
  2. Use mini sessions as opportunities to get updated milestone photos of your children on a regular basis!
  3. Get your kids excited for milestone photos by letting them help plan parts of the session, such as picking a prop to bring or choosing their favorite outfit. Don’t worry,  Mom, you can also choose your favorite outfit of theirs to use as well. 
  4. Include things that your child is into at that stage of life, even if it feels like just a fad. These can be fun to look back on and laugh as you say “remember when?” This can be a fashion choice, a favorite character/movie/TV show, a hobby or sport, or even a favorite toy they won’t leave the house without.
  5. Use the same prop or location each time to show your child’s growth compared to their surroundings. These types of photos are my favorites to look back on as the years progress because they show so clearly the changes that seem so subtle as we live them.

Lastly, schedule a yearly milestone session with a professional photographer or simply use your cell phone. The important thing is to get the photos!
Little 4yo girl with blonde curly hair spins in a Joyfolie dress in grass at sunset for milestone session.

In Conclusion

As parents, we treasure these milestone photographs not only for what they represent in the present but also for the legacy they create for the future. Yearly milestone photo traditions offer a beautiful and meaningful way to capture the fleeting moments of childhood. They create a visual narrative of our children's growth and capture their personalities and achievements. These milestone photos become cherished keepsakes, preserving the beauty and wonder of childhood for years and generations to come.

You can always take more photos but you can’t go back and get the photos you missed.

Continue the conversation!

I’d love to help you take more photos of your children and preserve these precious moments to look back on in the future. If you’re interested in a milestone photo session or have any questions or thoughts to add, please reach out with this form!

See more photos from this milestone session below!

little girl with brown curly hair sits in a child-sized peacock chair by a pond in Alpharetta, GA
little girl with blonde curly hair sits on a child-sized peacock chair by a pond in Alpharetta, GA
smiling blonde 4yo with curly hair outside at sunset at a Gerrard Landing Park in Alpharetta, GA
smiling blonde 4yo with curly hair and blue eyes outside at sunset at a Gerrard Landing Park in Alpharetta, GA
3yo girl with brown curly hair spins in a Joyfolie dress at Garrard Landing Park in Alpharetta, GA for milestone session
little girl with brown curly hair spins in a tulle dress from Joyfolie at milestone photo session in Alpharetta, GA
3 and 4 year old cousins hold hands in pretty client closet Joyfolie dresses at Garrard Landing Park
blonde cousin kisses her little brown haired cousin at milestone photo session in Alpharetta, GA
two young girls with curly hair hold hands with backs turned to camera at sunset
two young cosins in pretty dresses and bows in their curly hair tickle each other in front of flowering bush
little cousins in big dresses sit on the ground and look at each other for milestone session in Alpharetta
little blonde girl whispers into the ear of her younger cousin with brown hair behind a bush at sunset
curly brown hair girl laughs as blonde cousin whispers into her ear for milestone photo session
4 year old girl wears a pretty dress from photographer's client closet for milestone photo session in Alpharetta, GA
two little girls hold up a crochet blanket bewteen them backlit by the Alpharetta, GA sunset for milestone session
Little blonde girl wearing Joyfolie dress spins in a field at sunset
Little girl with brown curly hair looks serious sitting in a tiny peacock chair at sunset.
little girl sitting in a kid-sized peacock chair holds her feet and smiles in Joyfolie client closet dress
little blonde girl wipes her finger under her nose and looks serious while backlit for milestone photo session
smiling blonde girl with blue eyes looks up at sunset for milestone photo session