Looking for something different?

I’ve got a long list of photo locations to suggest to my clients and I’m always adding more but I wanted to create something to serve those families who are looking for something different or unique for their family photo session or for families who want to focus on candid interactions and moments! So I came up with these 10 Session Ideas for Fun Family Photos!

Why should you choose one of these ideas?

The obvious answer is because they are fun! But structuring your session around a family activity is a great way to get natural and genuine smiles from everyone - kids AND Dad included! These lifestyle sessions highlight your family in their elements and keep everyone focused on the activity rather than the photos so no one feels awkward or uncomfortable.

Candid moments galore!

Choosing to create a family photo session around an activity provides SO many opportunities for candid photos. If that is something you want to see more of from your session, choosing an activity for your session is one of the best ways to do that! Plus, picking something that has special meaning for YOUR family just helps to make your photos even more meaningful.

Without further ado, here is the short list I’ve put together of 10 Session Ideas For Fun Family Photos


An Ice Cream Outing

Something simple like taking the family out for ice cream can create fun memories and some fun photos too! I recommend going all out and getting the banana split, the waffle cone with extra scoops, or adding all the toppings! Don’t be afraid to make a mess and most importantly, have fun. My favorite place for local ice cream is Clumpies Ice Cream Co.

2-yo girl in pink bow feeds her daddy a spoonful of ice cream from Clumpies Ice Cream Co in Chattanooga, TN
cutest 2 year old little girl sticks her tongue out while smiling after eating ice cream at Clumpies Ice Cream Co


The Coolidge Park Carousel

The antique carousel at Coolidge Park is perfect for photos! And because tickets are only $1 (under 2 are free), it’s easy to ride multiple times! This is a great add-on option with a regular family photo session outside at Coolidge Park or Renaissance Park after the carousel photos. It's also close to one of the Clumpies Ice Cream Co locations if you want to combine activities!

black and white photo of a dad laughing with his 2yo daughter as she rides the Coolidge Park Carousel
little girl in pink bow rides the Coolidge Park Carousel with many colorful lights in the background


Visit the Chattanooga Zoo, Tennessee Aquarium, or See Rock City!

Chattanooga has a lot of family-friendly local attractions full of photo ops for your family and little ones! You’re probably used to taking cell phone photos when you visit these spots but how many times do you get to be in the photos too? Let’s plan a visit where you get to take your favorite professional family photographer with you (I’m talking about me) so that you can get beautiful, high-quality, and print-worthy photos of you and your kids exploring your favorite Chattanooga attractions like Rock City, the Chattanooga Zoo, and the Tennessee Aquarium.

husband and wife pose on an overlook at Rock City in front of the falls for Chattanooga maternity session
Pregnant mama in black lace dress and fur coat poses in a path at Rock City in Chattanooga, TN
husband and wife kiss with a hand on her pregnant belly at iconic Rock City in Chattanooga, TN


A Family baseball game or other sport

Let’s head out to your favorite ball field or basketball court and get fun family photos of your family playing and laughing together. This is an especially good option for an extended family photo session!

one-year-old boy holds onto a fence and holds a huge baseball glove with a ball at a baseball field
one-year-old wears his daddy's basebal cap and holds the fence at the dugout of a baseball field in a tiny Cubs jersey


A campfire with s'mores

What better way to get snuggly photos with your favorite people?! We’ll bring blankets and s’mores fixings and make memories while we make treats and capture your family snuggled up around a campfire. If it’s not the right season for a campfire, a family picnic is also a great idea!


Horseback riding

Maybe you own horses or you just love them! Either way, consider letting horses be included in your next family photo session!


Go play in a creek

This one is so much fun during the warm weather! You can expect lots of laughter and fun exploring a creek together. I like to start with exploring the bank for pretty flowers or rocks, a friendly rock skipping contest, and then end with a big family splash fight! We can even take some time for a few intimate photos of just Mom and Dad.

close up of just the legs and feet of a woman walking through a creek in a long floral dress
closeup of a husband and wife clasping hands while lying in a creek together for a creek couples session


Family costume

Do you like to create a family costume for Halloween? I do! Don’t let all your hard work and creativity go to waste! Let’s find the perfect location to match your theme and do a unique family photo session!


A Skate park or roller rink

These locations make for a fun backdrop, especially for families with older kids!


A Bike ride on the River Walk or across the Walnut St. Walking Bridge

Is your family super active? Do you go on family bike rides? Or maybe you just enjoy walking hand-in-hand with your husband while the kids ride/skate around you. Whatever wheels your family enjoys, let’s go for a walk/ride on part of the Chattanooga River Walk and see what we can explore while capturing unique photos of your family on the move!

Mom and Dad kiss their one-year-old daughter's cheek as she smiles in her big pink bow and tulle dress.

Which one is your favorite?

Did any of these ideas spark your imagination? You'll notice I don't have photo examples for all of them...YET! So I've decided to offer a special discount to any families willing to do any of these adventurous photo options for a limited time so that I can come back and update this post with more examples! Send me a message below if you're interested!

Bonus Idea - At Home!

One of the best locations for candid family photos where everyone feels comfortable and is totally unique to your family is your home! Consider having your next family photo session at home. I’ll be writing more about family sessions at home soon so send me a message to join my VIP list and get all the latest updates and goodies sent directly to your inbox!

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