Indoor lifestyle photos are for families too.

Most people connect indoor lifestyle with newborn photos as that is probably the most common indoor lifestyle session. But it doesn't have to be! Indoor lifestyle photos have their own vibe, like a lazy Sunday morning, and are perfect for families or couples, or anyone who wants to show off in their own space.

When this client contacted me she knew exactly what she wanted. You see, her daughter was born 10 weeks early so they missed out on maternity photos and newborn photos as they spent a good amount of time in the NICU. Her daughter is doing well now at 7 months old and they wanted to make up for missing those photos. She wanted an indoor lifestyle session to capture their family as well as some breastfeeding and milestone photos of their daughter.

baby girl sticks out tongue after just finishing breastfeeding with a drop a milk at the corner of her mouth
baby girl in white bow smiles with a hand in her mouth on mom's lap after being breastfed for lifestyle session

In-home or in-studio

Most indoor lifestyle family sessions take place in and around the family's home. It is your home that you've decorated and worked hard on and where your family feels the most like themselves. In the case of this particular indoor lifestyle family session, my family lived part-time in Nashville and part-time in Chattanooga. They wanted a different look than their Chattanooga apartment gave them so we opted to rent a local studio that gave us that in-home vibe.

baby girl with red hair and blue outfit pushes up on bed while parents drink coffee behind

Have you considered having lifestyle family photos in your home?

One of my favorite photos of my daughter is of her sitting on my living room couch and I've framed it on a wall beside that couch. And you don't have to worry about the whole house being perfect or photo-ready either. Lifestyle family photos can take place all in one room or just a few select rooms. Or, if you want to show off the whole house, we can do all the rooms, the front porch, and the back yard! It is totally up to you. It's your home, it's your family, it's your style, and it's your indoor lifestyle family session.

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See more favorites from this indoor lifestyle family session below.

Family of 3 lounging on bed as dad kisses baby and mom holds her coffee mug
mom and dad lounge on bed by big window with baby girl and coffee mugs for indoor lifestyle family photos
mom and dad sit on bed with 7mo girl. mom is holding coffee mug at indoor lifestyle family session in Chattanooga
mom holds a coffee mug in one hand and her baby's finger in the other for indoor lifestyle family photo session
baby girl in blue outfit pushes up on bed in foreground with mom and dad drinking coffee on the bed in the background
close up of baby girl pushing up on bed while mom and sat sit on bed in the background and drink coffee
mom sits on dad's lap on chair and flies baby like an airplane for an indoor lifestyle family session in Chattanooga
Dad kisses baby's cheeks backlit by a large window for an indoor lifestyle family session by Chattanooga photographer
baby girl in big white headband bow spits at camera with breastmilk dripping from her cheek during breastfeeding session
mom looks down at laughing baby after just finishing breastfeeding her
baby looks up at camera from her robed mother's lap after just finishing breastfeeding
baby girl in pink and white lace headband bow pushes up on a chaise and pink blanket for indoor lifestyle family photos
daddy gives baby girl kisses on her cheek as she pushes up on a pink blanket for lifestyle family photos
top down view of baby laughing at her dad who has a hand on her belly tickling her.
top down view of a baby girl in pink and white lace headband bow smiling with a hand in her mouth.
7mo girl in yellow shirt and sunglasses sits alone in the corner of the couch for a wide shot.
7mo girl in sunglasses and yellow shirt sits alone in the corner of a couch for lifestyle family photos
7mo girl in yellow shirt sits alone on a couch for indoor lifestyle family photos in Chattanooga
family of 3 wearing sunglasses indoors. dad sits on a chair with baby on his lap and mom stands behind.
family of 3 wears sunglasses indoors for an epic shot of baby on dad's lap with mom standing behind.