Say it with me, right here and right now - this is the year of professional family photos!

Whether it’s something your family prioritizes year after year or something you’ve never tried before, there’s nothing quite like having beautiful, polished pictures of your family! Sure, iPhones (okay, and Androids) can take some pretty amazing photos these days, but it’s not the same as having gorgeous images that are artfully and playfully captured. Plus, you can actually be in the photos alongside your beautiful family! 

If you’ve been toying with the idea of booking a session for family pictures but aren’t completely sold, I’m happy to help convince you! Here are some of the top reasons I recommend frequent professional family photos.

husband and wife dance together under the trees of Chester Frost State Park in Chattanooga

Update Your Family Artwork With Professional Family Photos

It’s absolutely reasonable to want to decorate your home and office with photos of the faces you love the most, but sometimes, casual iPhone pics from a night on the town or a trip to the playground aren’t quite right for blowing up and hanging on the wall. Professional photographers capture images with an artistic eye, using light, framing, and, yes, some editing to provide pictures worthy of being displayed as artwork throughout your home. Whether it’s a single shot or a series of photos from your family session, professional photos make a proud statement in your home while establishing a safe space for your family.

One of the best reasons to have pictures taken annually is that you’ll be able to consistently rotate the artwork in your home! Replace last year’s photos with this year’s for a fresh aesthetic that keeps your decor feeling updated and relevant. Or simply add this year’s prints to a gallery wall to watch your family grow and change right before your eyes!

Lastly, while we all enjoy having pictures of loved ones around the house, be honest - how often do you take the time to actually print out photos from your phone? (Guilty of this myself if I’m being honest!) Or even worse, how many times have you scrolled endlessly to find a picture only to find that it has disappeared into the cloud somewhere, never to be seen again? As a professional photographer, I offer many convenient ways to order high-quality prints and products directly from your online album! Plus all of my collections include a print credit so that this step is part of your experience with me, ensuring you’ll walk away with something tangible from our sessions together.

husband dips wife while standing in water at epic orange sunset session
little girl hides her face with the fabric from mom's sleeve
little blonde girl peeks out behind her mother's dress

Capture the Changes in Your Family

It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re a parent. Sure, the days may be long, but you can blink, and a week, a month, and a year have rushed past. As we treasure the little moments that make our hearts flutter, it’s easy to tell yourself you’ll capture them or focus on them later. But before you know it, the moments are gone, and there’s a new exciting phase to embrace. Consistent family photos help you capture these amazing moments in time. Allowing you to pause and relive them again and again. Even if the initial moment rushed past in the blink of an eye.

Your kids are growing and changing every day - physically, emotionally, and socially. While as parents, we encourage growth and love watching our babies turn into unique, independent humans, there is something so special about being able to look back on a time gone by. Just remember, once a moment or phase passes, it’s gone forever. So don’t put off your family

sessions until it’s too late!!

mom and dad kiss as 6 children look or hide faces on the shore of Chickamauga Lake at sunset

Create a Tradition Of Professional Family Photos

Every family has its own unique traditions that everyone looks forward to year after year.

Whether it’s an annual fall trip to a pumpkin patch or a weekend beach getaway with

grandparents, our traditions matter! Having professional family photos taken can be a beautiful

tradition for your family, too. I know some family members may roll their eyes at the idea of a

photo session (I’m looking at you, dads.) But if you have the right photographer (hint: like me!), it can actually be an experience that everyone looks forward to! Whether it’s an autumn shoot in preparation for family holiday cards or a springtime park foray, we can work together to create a tradition you and your kiddos will love.

You Never Know When it Will Be Your Last Chance For Professional Family Photos

I apologize for sounding a bit dark but it’s true and it’s something that needs to be talked about. If the pandemic of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the world is unpredictable and life is short. We've all lost people who have left gaping holes in our hearts. Photos are an incredible way to look back and remember the ones we’ve lost, allowing them to live on in our memories without relying on memory alone. You never want to look back and think, “I wish we’d taken more pictures.” Professional family photos are your opportunity to capture important moments with loved ones so you never have to look back and wish you’d had more photos taken.

closeup of mom with her 3 daughters hugging her from the front and behind
two sisters lie on the grass and hug each other at sunset

YOU Get to be In the Photos!

As mom, it is easy to be preoccupied with making sure we capture our little ones in pictures. We're always documenting every milestone, moment, and memory that we can. And while we do it in order to look back at these photos to relive the beautiful phases in our babies’ lives, it’s just as important that they have pictures of us to remember, too! Our kiddos want to see their parents in pictures just like we want to see their beautiful faces. Professional pictures allow you to step in front of the lens from time-to-time and leave something for your children to enjoy even after you're gone. 

momma holds her baby girl's blonde head and kisses her forehead backlit by the sun

I saw a meme recently from a mom’s point of view that if you opened the camera roll on her phone, it would depict the most involved single dad story ever. I know I’m always the one taking the photos of my husband and daughter and like a lot of husbands I know, mine is terrible at remembering to capture those same moments of me with our daughter. And I know some of you can probably relate but even when I tell my husband to take a photo of me and my girl, he’s just not that good at it! (How does he always only capture my weirdest faces?! And somehow always sneaks in a photo of my behind. *sigh* Husbands, amiright?)

But I’ve got good news! You don’t have to only rely on your husband to capture those special mommy and me moments. By hiring a professional photographer for family photos, you’re guaranteed to get beautiful photos of special moments shared with your kiddos that have you looking your best!

mom in Reclamation two-piece dances with her 3 daughters on the shores of a lake in Chattanooga
two sisters sit crosslegged on the ground and clap each other's hands at sunset
two sisters sit on the grass at sunset at Chester Frost State Park for family photo session
two sisters sit on the grass and play childhood games together at sunset

Eliminate the Stress of Taking Your Own Photo

There’s a reason professional photographers are, well, professionals. We don’t just point and

shoot a generic camera set on auto and call it a day. We’re artists who know how to create ideal shots based on light, positioning, composition and plenty of other technical elements that our eyes are trained to see. Not to mention our specialized equipment, which surpasses the hobbyist cameras everyone and their mom gets for Christmas and birthdays.

You have enough on your plate as a parent that, understandably, learning professional photography may not make it onto your list of priorities. If you find yourself continuously trying to capture the perfect picture of your family and falling short, cut yourself some slack! Instead, hire a professional (hi, me again!) to help you get the beautiful, polished photos you and your family deserve. We hire professionals all the time to take care of the things we aren’t able to do ourselves and professional photography is just one more area where the peace of mind of knowing your family photos are in a professional’s hands is well worth the cost of a photo shoot.

little girl in blonde pigtails runs towards her mom who crouches ready to catch her
husband holds wife from behind and she turns over her shoulder as they laugh together

Reach Out Today to Chat About Your Dream Professional Family Photos in Chattanooga!

Feeling inspired to schedule your next session for professional family photos? Good!! I’ve got you! I’ll make sure we capture authentic, beautiful moments between your family that you will treasure for years to come. I promise you’ll love them so much, you just may want to make it an annual tradition!

Have I convinced you to try professional family photos yet?

I think these photos from a recent family session at Chester Frost Park speak for themselves but if you want to see more, check out some of my favorites from their gallery below!

husband embraces wife from behind and kisses her ear as she smiles into the sunset for couples photos
brothers and sisters playing duck duck goose together on the grass at sunset
mom and dad stand in a line with their 6 children as everyone snuggles together on the lake shore
close up of little boy's hand hugging behind his mom's neck, entwined in her curly blonde hair
brother holds his little sister as they watch the family play in the water of the lake at sunset
mom sits on the ground with 2 daughters as they hug her fro her lap and from behind
mom and dad kiss eachother on lake shore as 6 kids either look in awe or hide faces
view from behind as little girl holds her mom's hand and looks up at her
older brother holds younger brother and both smile for the camera
family of 8 stands in the water at sunset while mom and dad kiss
husband and wife kiss in the water at sunset
husband and wife hold eachother standing the shallow water of Chickamauga lake at sunset
two daughters kiss their mom on the cheek at the same time
family watches sunset together over Chickamauga Lake at end of family photo session in Chattanooga
two sisters laugh at each other's whispers while lying on the grass
closeup of a woman's torso as her husband hugs her from behind with hands clasped
mother leans over to embrace her 2 youngest children
family of 8 holds hands and walks along the banks of the lake at Chester Frost State Park in Chattanooga
little sister whispers into her big sister's ear for family photos at Chester Frost State Park in Chattanooga
wide shot of family of 6 getting ready for family photos on the shores of a lake in Chattanooga
husband and wife dance together at sunset on the shores of a lake
mom and dad kiss the cheeks of their baby girl at the same time
little girl in green runs toward her mother who is crouching with outstreatched arms
mom bends over to examine something her young daughter just put in her hand
mom and dad each hold one of their 6 children who stand around them smiling for family photo at Chester Frost State Park
mom and dad share a moment while kids play in the lake at Chester Frost State Park at the end of family photo session
shoulders down of husband and wife dancing together with her red skirt swishing against the green grass
family leans over railing together to look at the creek
husband dips wife as part of a dance move in a green forested area of Chester Frost State Park
husband and wife look out at cotton candy cloudy sky at sunset standing in the lake
husband leads wife out of the lake water by the hand
husband spins his wife as she twirls her deep red skirt against the green summer grass
mom turns to the side to kiss her baby boy as she holds him in her arms.
little girl holds onto her mother's red skirt
mom holds little girl in her lap as they face each other smiling
shy little girl uses the fabric of mom's sleeve to hide her face
little girl sits on a log and smiles up from the shore of Chickamauga lake
husband embraces wife from behind as they wade in the water for couples photos as part of family photo session
two sisters lying in the grass together hugging each other with eyes closed
husband hugs wife from behind as they laugh together
little girl being held by big brother kisses his cheek while other brother looks on
sisters share a seat on a log while little sister leans up to kiss big sister
close up of husband and wife reaching out hands toward each other barely touching
mom stands with 3 daughters for professional family photos in Chattanooga
little boy stands on a log and holds hands with dad for balance on the shore at Chester Frost State park
husband and wife dancing for photos during ther professional photo session in Chattanooga
mother crouches and embraces young daughter who just ran to her
family of 8 plays in the water together at sunset at end of family photo session
family of 8 playing in the water at chickamauga lake as part of their family photo session
husband holds wife for couples photos during their professional photo shoot
close up of mom holding hands with 2 daughters
mom in red skirt dances with 3 daughters on the lakeshore
little girl wraps herself in mom's long red skirt
little boy smiles looking up from his mom's lap as she smiles behind
husband and wife kiss at Chester Frost State Park as part of their professional family photo session
mom holds youngest daughter while older daughter hugs them both
kids play games together on the grass during family photo session
close up of the corset back on woman's top as her husband holds her around the waist.
husband and wife hold hands in the water as family plays in lake after photo session
little girl leans over a railing to look at the creek beneath with her family members
family of 8 hugs each other at Chester Frost Family Session
husband and wife kissing for couples photos by the lake at sunset
mom and dad dance by the water while their 6 kids play duck-duck-goose nearby
husband and wife laugh at each other while dancing at their family photo session in Chattanooga
little girl with blonde pigtails looks out at her family playing in the lake after family photo session
mom and dad kiss in the water as their 6 kids play in the water around them at sunset
mom holds baby girl while older sister hugs baby sister with eyes closed
two sisters giggle together after telling secrets backlit by the setting sun
6 children run toward their parents as part of professional family photos in Chattanooga
view from behind as dad holds wife's waist while young son grips her hair and peeks between their shoulders
husband and wife embrace and laugh together before a kiss
family looks out at the lake at sunset at the end of a family photo session in Chattanooga
mom holds her youngest daughter while hugging her older 2 daughters
two sisters sit on a log and smile with heads together for professional family photos
husband embraces wife while they kiss for couples photos as part of their family photo session

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