What is a model call?

A regular, paid session is focused solely on the client's wants and needs but a model call session is a way for the photographer to completely control the process to ensure they get the photos most important to them.

A model call is used by a photographer when they are looking for people to volunteer to have their photos taken by the photographer at the location and in the manner the photographer chooses. A photographer will choose to do these types of sessions for many reasons and there is no reason why you can't benefit!

Keep reading to find out if a model call session is right for you and click the Apply Now button at the bottom if you'd like to be considered as a model for Christian Michelle Photography in the Chattanooga, TN area.

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Why would a photographer do a Model Call?

The most common reason is to build their portfolio. Or a photographer may have a personal project they want to see brought to life. A photographer may need updated photos for any number of reasons. If a photographer you like is doing a model call, there is no reason not to apply! The worst that can happen is that you aren't chosen and the best-case scenario is that you get a free session with your favorite photographer.

What is expected at a Model Call Session?

  • If you choose to participate in a Model Call Session, you can expect to either wear an outfit the photographer provides or to have your outfit approved by the photographer ahead of time. In my case, we will coordinate ahead of time the outfits for each family member, including any pieces from my client closet.
  • Hair and makeup may be provided or you may be asked to style yourself a certain way. Either way, if your style and the photographer's style don't match up, that's ok! The best way to take advantage of a model call is to choose a photographer you trust and whose style already meshes with your own.
  • The location will be chosen by the photographer. This doesn't mean you can't offer ideas, but the final decision belongs to the photographer.
  • It is expected that you will treat this session as seriously as the photographer does and not cancel last minute or show up late.

What a Model Call Session is not.

  • It is not just a regular session but for free. It may last longer/be shorter and may include periods of waiting or you may be asked to do the same thing over and over again but in different spots.
  • It is not a session for you to get exactly what YOU want. If you want to call the shots, then I suggest booking a regular full session where the photographer will be aiming to please you and make your vision come to life.

Who benefits from a Model Call Session?

  • There is no reason why both you and the photographer can't benefit from a mutual relationship.
  • You will receive free photos from your session and should be prepared to post and share the photos (if you love them) and let others know what a great experience you had.
  • Your photographer hopefully achieves their goal for the session and is able to use your photos on social media, their website, etc.
  • Alternatively, if you know your children don't do well for photos or your husband hates getting them, a model call session may not be for your family...but it could still be for you if you want to apply as a single model.

What is included in a model call?

It depends but your photographer should state all the expectations up-front. In my case, the following is included.

  • 5 free digital images that you choose out of the full gallery from your session. You will also have the option to purchase the full gallery if you would like more than 5.
  • Use of the client closet at the photographer's discretion.

Should you apply for a Model Call Session?

  • Do you love having your photo taken?
  • Do you already like the photographer and their work?
  • Are you patient and take direction well?
  • Are your children well-behaved?
  • Do your children enjoy having their photos taken or are they camera shy?
  • Are you punctual and reliable?

If you answered yes to the above, then a Model Call Session might be for you. Click below to fill out the application to be considered as a model for Christian Michelle Photography.

Still not sure if a Model Call is right for you?

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