A maternity photo session is a wonderful way to document this short but special season in your life, and there are many creative ways to make your session uniquely yours! In this post, we'll explore just some of the many ideas for what to include in your maternity photo session.

First, your partner!

This one is a bit of a “duh”. First and foremost, your baby’s father should be included in your maternity photo session. He is an essential part of this journey and will be there to support you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Your partner can be included in a variety of poses that help to show the connection between you two and between him and the unborn baby. And if you already have children, I encourage you to include them as well! And don’t worry, I also like to get some of just Mama too! And sometimes your partner might not be available or interested in getting photos or even in the picture (excuse my pun) and that’s okay! Don’t let that stop you from getting maternity photos done for YOU and for your unborn child who will love to look back on these photos one day.

husband hugs pregnant wife from behind and kisses her neck on a rocky lake beach in Chattanoga

Second, your dog!

If you have a furry family member, they are an important part of your life and should be included in your maternity photos. Dogs are a natural addition to family photos and they add an element of playfulness and fun to your session. You can include your dog in a variety of poses, such as sitting beside you or resting their head on your belly. These photos will be a precious reminder of the joy and love that your dog brings to your life and how life is now before it is about to change forever.

close up of a dog in a bandana on a pier with pregnant woman in the background at sunset on a still lake

Third, Baby Clothing.

Incorporating a special outfit for your baby is a wonderful way to personalize your maternity session. It could be a vintage hand-me-down from a family member, a tiny onesie, a cozy blanket, or even a cute hat. This adds a sense of anticipation and excitement for the arrival of your little one. You can hold the outfit up to your belly or place it on your bump, or even incorporate it into a creative prop, like a miniature baby carriage or a vintage crib. Plus, it is a cute and easy way to connect your maternity photos to your newborn photos because you can use the same outfit during your newborn session!

pregnant mother and father each hold part of a cream newborn gown and hat over pregnant belly for maternity photos
close up of baby in cream gown and hat on edge of bed while parents watch in background for newborn photos.

Fourth, Baby's Ultrasound Photo

Your baby's ultrasound photo is a significant milestone in your pregnancy journey, and it makes for a meaningful addition to include in your maternity session. Including the ultrasound photo in your photoshoot is a touching way to honor the little one growing inside of you. You can hold the ultrasound up to your belly or have it peek out of a special prop, like a vintage book or a beautiful frame. This is just one more way to add a personal touch to your session and also something that can be incorporated in your newborn session!

pregnant mom and dad lie next to each other at end of dock and hold up ultrasound photo for chattanooga maternity photos

Fifth, Flowers.

Flowers are a beautiful and feminine addition to your maternity session. They add a touch of softness and elegance to your photos, and create a dreamy and ethereal look. You can hold a bouquet of your favorite flowers, or even incorporate them into a creative prop, like a flower crown or a floral wreath. Bonus tip: dry the photos from your maternity session and incorporate them in your newborn photos or preserve them for your little one’s baby book or memory shadow box!

Sixth, A Special Location.

If you have a location that holds special meaning to you, like the spot where you got engaged, or a beautiful park where you like to go for walks, this adds a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality to your photos! Either way, the location you choose should highlight your personality and style in your photos.

pregnant woman in green dress hugs husbands arm as they stand on a rocky outcrop of still dark water lake in Chattanooga
pregnant mama in green dress holds her belly on rocks at edge of still lake for maternity photo session

Seventh, Additional Creative Props.

Incorporating creative props in your maternity session is a fun and playful way to add personality and creativity to your photos. This could be anything from a vintage suitcase, a set of balloons, a chalkboard with your baby's due date, or little wooden letter blocks that spell your baby’s name. These props add a whimsical and unique touch to your photos, and create a sense of fun and excitement for your upcoming arrival.

This mom and dad-to-be were big Star Wars fans and chose to incorporate some of their collectibles in their session. It was definitely a first for me and editing their lightsaber battle was so much fun!

pregnant wife and husband have a lightsaber battle. what to include in your maternity photo session.
cllose up of husband and pregnant wife holding tiny Star Wars themed onsie. what to include in your maternity photos
pregnant wife and husband hold up a lightsaber together at the edge of a lake for maternity photos.

Which of these ideas do you want to include to your maternity session?

Using these tips and ideas, you can have a maternity photo session that is both beautiful but also unique to you! Maternity photos don’t have to be boring or cookie-cutter! As a Chattanooga Maternity Photographer, I love helping couples come up with creative ways to make each session extra special.

Here are a few more of my favorite photos from this gorgeous, Raccoon Mountain maternity session!

pregnant woman in green stands at end of dock with dog in matching bandana for mountain lake maternity photo session
pregnant mama and dog on dock for ideas for what to include in your maternity photo session blog
pregnant woman in green dress holds belly at end of dock on still lake with mountain sunset behind
pregnant mama lies on edge of dock with her dog next to her for Raccoon Mountain maternity session in Chattanooga
husband and wife lie on edge of dock with their dog and hold up an ultrasound photo for maternty session in Chattanooga
husband hugs pregnant wife while dog watches at sunset on Raccoon Mountain for maternity photos
close up of dog sitting on a rock watching pregnant wife and husband hug out of focus
pregnant mama in green dress looks at baby bump on edge of lake while wind blows hair and dress
pregnant woman in green dress stands on rock of still lake with mountains reflecting in the water
pregnant mama in gree dress against the still reflection in the waters of a mountain lake.
husband hugs pregnant wife as they both look at dog. ideas for what to include in your maternity photo session
husband hugs pregnant wife from behind and kisses her neck. raccoon mountain, chattanooga, TN maternity session
husband and pregnant wife stand back to back on rocky outcrop of dark, still lake waters
close up of husband putting his hand on pregnant wife's belly for maternity photo session in Chattanooga
close up of dog looking up between pregnant wife and husband who has his hand on baby bump for maternity photos
close up of dog under neath human mama's baby bump. ideas for what to include in your maternity photo session
pregnant woman fake stabs her husband with a blue lightsaber for geeky Star Wars maternity photos.
couple incorporates lightsabers in their maternity photo session to make it unique

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