Let's work together!

Hey new mom friend!

I'm glad you're here! As moms and small business owners, we are in a club that it's hard for non-small business owners to truly understand! If you're anything like me, I know I could always use more business friends! I love rooting for my fellow moms who are building their businesses and it's true that a rising tide lifts all boats. I'd love to cheer you on and celebrate your wins, big and little, and brainstorm ways we can help each other succeed both in our professions and as wives and mothers.

One of the easiest ways I can help you is by featuring you and your business on my blog! It is likely that we share similar clients and customers and I'd love to highlight you and your business to my audience. I can only take on a few of these types of blog posts at a time so I've created this questionnaire to make sure that we are a good fit!

Who is this for?

Moms who are also small business owners local(ish) to me. Ideally, I'd love to meet up and take a few photos of you in your space or doing your thing or showing off your product! This way you have beautiful updated photos of what you do (for free) and I have something of mine to show off as well! For this reason, I'm specifically looking to connect with other moms who are willing and able to meet in person. I live in Chattanooga but I also visit Atlanta a lot and don't mind driving an hour or 2 outside of those cities.

What's the catch?

There's no catch! I genuinely want to help other moms like me! So if you're in, please fill out this questionnaire and I'll get back to you! There are no right or wrong answers and I'm looking for all types of small business owners!

skinny woman in long flowy dress standing profile touches her hat at sunset in a field with a semicircle lens flair

Did I mention the photos would be free?

Please select all that apply.

Hi, my name is

Christian Grant

(Michelle is my middle name)

smiling woman in black hat bends over flowers at sunset

I am a Chattanooga lifestyle family photographer who will make getting beautiful photos of your family fun and easy! My sessions are always full of fun and laughter - just like family. You'll love your photos so much that you won't be able to wait to share them with everyone you know!

Want to know more?

Use the links at the top or bottom of the page to get where you need to go! The Start Here option is good for first-time visitors who want to learn more about the types of sessions I offer. You can also check out my most recent blog posts below. Lastly, don't be shy and send me a message!