It's probably obvious that I believe very strongly in the importance of professional photography. (Duh, I am a professional photographer after all.) Whether it’s family photos, birthday sessions, or maternity shoots, there’s nothing quite as special as capturing the beauty found in each phase of life as authentically as possible.

The same is true for senior sessions, which are among my favorites to shoot! I love getting to know high school seniors personally and helping them express themselves in photos that look so good that they won’t mind them hanging in their parents’ house for the following decades (because let’s be honest, they will.) A great senior photo captures personality and authentic charm and is a true expression of who the senior is in this particular phase of life. We can incorporate multiple outfits, including uniforms, hobbies and props, awards, and honors as part of your senior session - Anything that helps you show off how awesome you are!

Another great way to customize your photos is the location - such as choosing Chickamauga Battlefield as the location for your senior session. If you love nature and history or are just looking for a way to infuse some good ol’ Southern charm into your senior pics, you should think about getting your senior photos at Chickamauga Battlefield! Want to know what I love about this location? Keep reading to find out!

About the Chickamauga Battlefield Location

The Chickamauga Battlefield got the latter part of its name from the infamous Civil War battle that took place on the property. At the time, nearby Chattanooga was a small town, but its location on the banks of the Tennessee River, which cuts through the Appalachian Mountains, made it a popular crossroad for four popular railroads. President Lincoln knew that if his army could capture Chattanooga, the Confederate army would lose access to vital supply lines, and the war would be a little closer to an end.

Unfortunately for Lincoln and his Union armies, they were met in combat by Confederate troops, and a nasty battle ensued. I’ll spare you the gory details, but in the end, the Confederates won that particular battle which has gone down in history as the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War ranked only behind Gettysburg.

a woman in a white dress running away through Chickamauga Battlefield at sunset for senior photos

Today, Chickamauga Battlefield is home to a Visitor Center with museum exhibits showcasing the battle and the historic Campaign for Chattanooga. You can also explore eight locations around the battlefield on a self-guided tour to learn more about the historic battle. Except for the historic landmarks scattered throughout the property, you would never know its brutal history. Instead, what you see today is a variety of beautiful meadows erupting with wildflowers and tall grasses, beautiful trees, and some of the area’s most spectacular sunsets. It’s a wonderful place to picnic, take a nice long walk, and reflect on our country’s storied past. It also happens to be a beautiful location with lots of variety perfect for your senior session or any other photo session!

A high school senior in the woods with dark hair at sunset for senior photo session at Chickamauga Battlefield

Reasons to Consider a Chickamauga Battlefield Senior Session

The Chickamauga Battlefield is one of my favorite spots for senior sessions for a variety of reasons. If you’ve never considered it for your senior pictures, let me tell you why you should!

Fits a Variety of Styles

A place as beautiful as Chickamauga Battlefield is a natural backdrop for a variety of photo styles. Maybe you envision yourself in a cute romper and a denim jacket for one of your outfits. Or a long formal dress that makes you feel like an ethereal goddess. Perhaps you want to sport a cowboy hat and custom boots or a fabulous suit and tie - whatever your style, Chickamauga Battlefield will be a great fit. If you’re a senior who wants to showcase multiple styles, it’s a great location for outfit changes. We can take cute sunset photos amidst the wildflowers and show off your graduation robes in the same photo session without driving far to multiple locations all over town!

A young woman sitting in a field of wildflowers at Chickamauga Battlefield with a smile on her face.

Location Options

Chickamauga Battlefield offers a variety of beautiful backdrops for gorgeous senior photos. If you’re looking for a setting that’s a little more wooded, then they have plenty of forest land with tall trees and wooded paths. Or maybe a gorgeous open meadow filled with elegant tall grasses is more your vibe. No matter where you are on the battlefield, the golden fields and forests come to life with a glow that is so beautiful and inspiring as the sun sets in this northwest corner of Georiga just south of downtown Chattanooga. Don't believe me? Go for a drive through the battlefield at sunset and you'll soon be convinced why it's one of my favorite photo shoot locations.

a goth high school senior leans against a tree in the woods at sunset for moody senior photos

We can also hang around the Visitor Center for some photos with a touch of architectural Southern

charm. The building has beautiful columns and stone walls that offer classic photo backdrops. The surrounding green lawns and historic trees are also fun to play with in portraits. Scattered throughout the property are a variety of fun features that we can incorporate into pictures, too. From rustic wooden fences to lovely bridges and statues, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the details of the Chickamauga Battlefield into your senior session pictures.

A woman leaning against one of the wooden fences of historic Chickamauga Battlefield at sunset with eyes closed..

Hiring a Photographer for Your Chickamauga Battlefield Senior Session

When it comes to taking the best senior photos, you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible! And I’m not just talking about clothes; I’m talking about being comfortable with the person behind the camera, too. After all, while you want your photos to be stunning and jaw-droppingly beautiful, you also want them to look authentically you. As both a photographer and someone who has been photographed, I know how hard it is to get photos that look genuine and joyful. Especially when you don’t feel, well, like yourself.

That’s where I come in! I have years of experience helping high school seniors, families, couples, and kids feel totally at ease in front of a camera. If you take a look at my other work on my website, you’ll see pictures of real people caught in real moments. All without looking forced or posed. Pictures that feel natural and authentic are my jam, and I like to think I’m pretty darn good at it. I promise that as your senior session photographer, I’ll ensure you feel like the best version of yourself! We’re going to laugh, play, and yes, maybe even be silly. But I promise the result will be pictures where you look confident, candid, and authentically you. Senior pictures are about celebrating who you are in this exciting phase of your life. As your photographer, I’ll make sure you look and feel like your very best self in your photos.

Plan A Session To Show Off YOU With A Chickamauga Battlefield Senior Session

Senior pictures are an exciting rite of passage. So I want to help you make the most of your photos! Think about having a Chickamauga Battlefield senior session, then if you’ve made up your mind that it’s the right choice for you, give me a shout. I’ll be here, ready to help you look amazing!!

Check out a few of my favorite photos from Chickamauga Battlefield Senior Sessions

senior girl in all black laughs on a path through the woods of Chickamuga Battlefield
woman in black laughs with sunset shining through the woods of Chickamauga Battlefield
serious senior girl in black with piercings in the woods at sunset
high school girl in all black leans against tree in the woods at sunset for senior photos
dark and moody senior photo session at Chickamauga Battlefield in Northwest Georiga
girl laughs and looks down next to tree in the woods at dusk
high school senior girl in all black crouches and leans against tree in the woods
girl in all black poses between trees on a wooded path of Chickamauga Battlefield south of Chattanooga
woman in black reclines on a fallen tree trunk in the woods at sunset
goth girl with facial piercings looks up through black bangs leaning against tree bark
senior girl poses on the steps of the Chickamauga Battlefield visitor's center for senior photos
senior girl leans against the columns of the Chickamauga Battlefield visitor's center
girl plays with hair against the columns of the Chickamauga Battlefield visitor's center for senior photos
womans stands behind wildflowers with wildflowers in her back pocket at Chickamauga Battlefield
girl in boho white top and skirt poses with the columns of the Chickamauga Battlefield visitor center for senior photos
smiling girl leans head on arms seated in a field of wildflowers
woman in white turns in a field at sunset for senior photos at Chickamauga Battlefield
senior girl in white top and skirt spins in a field of tall grass at Chickamauga Battlefield
beautiful young woman in white outfit stands by historic fence of Chickamauga Battlefield
senior girl fixes her hair in a field at sunset for senior photos at Chickamauga Battlefield
smiling womans leans on arms over a fence at sunset for senior photos
senior girl spinning in a white dress at sunset in a field of tall green grass
smiling woman holds up purple flower in front of her eye
woman with teal nails holds a tiny bouquet of flowers towards camera
high school senior girl puts purple flower behind her ear at sunset for senior photos
woman smells wildflowers at sunset for senior photos
woman in white stands in tall grass for sunset senior photos at Chickamauga Battlefield
close up of a woman's eyes holding a bunch of flowers next to her eyes
extreme close up of a woman's eye next to 3 colorful wildflowers
smiling woman holding wildflowers next to her face